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HTI can justifiably claim to be a leader in the field of high-quality hypnotherapy training.  We have over 25 years of educational experience training many successful therapists and hypnotherapy teachers.  We never cut corners in training you to be an effective and ethical professional therapist.  


Train Properly For Your Future Career

Our training, from the very first class, was founded on over 10 years of previous practical applications of clinical hypnosis and from a very extensive basis in clinical hypnotherapy, applied psychology, psychotherapy and other fields of study related to the practice of hypnotherapy.  During the following 25 years we developed our clinical training to be as effective and relevant as possible to the everyday clinical practice of hypnotherapy.  We have kept superficial techniques and excessive theorising out of our training program to enable you to become the most skilful and effective in your clinical practice with your clients.  We have incorporated the best methods of the most renowned practitioners, the best of evidence-based methods and the most relevant academic information without being restricted to a single theoretical perspective or academic institution.    Our students learn hypnotherapy as a complete, sophisticated therapeutic system in its own right with a vast body of principles and wide range of techniques while also being exposed to important principles of the main forms of psychological therapies such as psychodynamic, behaviourist, CBT, etc.  We have committed ourseves over many years to producing and delivering the content that is of most practical value to help you achieve your greatest success as a clinical practitioner.  

HTI of the United Kingdom is an accredited course provider for the British Society of Hypnotherapists (Est 1950), the longest-established professional organisation for Hypnotherapy in the UK and the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (Est 1980) two organisations with training standards and membership requirements among the highest in the field including a requirement that courses possess at least 200 hours of core hypnosis training in the classroom in addition to home study.  Our courses are also recognised by many of the other voluntary self-regulatory and accrediting bodies in the field of hypnotherapy.  With our depth and breadth of experience we are widely recognised as experts in the training of professional hypnotherapists, training many physicians, psychologists, psychotherapists and other professionals as well as individuals from all walks of life to use advanced hypnosis as a career, for applications in other professions and for personal goals.

Our work has received considerable public attention through media coverage of our hypnotherapy applications for medical and health issues, addictions and deep psychological problems. Our comprehensive, diploma-level, training programme, comprising 200 hours of intensive supervised teaching of essential hypnotherapy skills and knowledge in our core courses.  These core courses are Hypnotherapy Skills for Life Change (HSLC), Clinical Hypnotherapy (CH), Advanced Analytical Hypnotherapy (AAH) and Medical Hypnotherapy (MH).  Courses are usually taken in that order but it is possible to take certain courses out of sequence.  Our training includes options to take over 300 hours of intensive classroom training, aims to teach ALL of our pupils to the highest standards, aiding them to become competent professionals and to deliver the highest standards of service effectively and safely to their clients. We train people to an advanced level in dealing with everyday hypnotherapy applications including smoking cessation, weight management, stress management, performance enhancement, etc along with a very wide range of other applications.  We provide our trainees with the highest standards of hypnosis training, from foundation to advanced level, to help them develop their clinical practice and its financial base more successfully. Building a successful hypnotherapy practice depends very much on a continually-expanding referral base generated by recommendations from satisfied customers.  We avoid classroom teaching of unnecessary, speculative theories, padding out courses with highly intellectual, philosophical content related to various psychotherapy models or passing on superficial "tools" to students in place of solid clinical skills.  Your learning experience is also not based on acquiring "special' or "unique methods" that are founded on essentially, unsubstantiated claims of success or expertise.  Highly selective use of information, inaccurate or misleading claims and dubious marketing may be used to attract the unwary enquirer in the hypnotherapy field as it is not regulated by statutorily regulation and the voluntary regulatory bodies that do exist in the field have very limited effects on much of the marketing and promotion of hypnotherapy courses on the internet.   

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The public, in general, know very little about the many, confusing varieties of diplomas, certificates, "awards" and "qualifications" acquired by therapists from the many private or public "accrediting" or "registering" bodies competing in the field of hypnotherapy and generally do not make much distinction between them. Graduates from our career training programme will receive several meaningful accreditations and also qualify for membership of long-established and respected national and international professional hypnotherapy organisations with genuine, clinically-relevant standards.  Graduates may also, if they wish, become accredited with many other "registering" and voluntary regulatory bodies.  The classes contain an imporant and relevant intellectual content, incorporating the best scientific research evidence, while focussing primarily on teaching students the most effective practical skills they will need to work with their clients.  Students are not restricted to simple theory-dominated lessons taught at the lower levels of academic education.  The quality of training that a student acquires will be, by far, the single most important factor in determining their success rate with clients and consequently their ability to build a financially viable hypnotherapy practice. Very careful research into the practical skills, clinical experience and relevant academic and other qualifications of hypnotherapy teachers is the single. most important research task of a prospective student before undertaking a course of study in hypnotherapy. Impressive-sounding statements and titles should never be taken on face value alone but require careful investigation and searching analysis by the prospective student before entering on a "career-training" programme or any course of study in this field. 

Training Courses:

HTI provides hypnosis training courses at several levels from foundation to intermediate and advanced levels and offers a variety of postgraduate support programmes along with training in marketing and building a hypnotherapy practice. HTI teaches to the highest educational standards while being extremely practical and interactive in teaching the skills of effective clinical hypnosis.  Our claims and  Content of the courses includes the most modern, scientifically-validated data and the most useful information from what have become known as "evidence-based" methods.  HTI offers a range of courses in the intensive, accelerated format, the most effective way to acquire the skills of hypnotherapy.  HTI offers diploma training to several levels, including Hypno-Coaching, General Hypnotherapy Programming Practitioner and Advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner.  Our training is designed to enable our students to begin to work with particular client groups after their first course of training and then develop their practical skills and knowledge base systematically to enable them to successfully and safely work with more difficult problems in clinical practice.  Students are intensively supported and guided in their clinical practice to take their diploma examjnations and so that they develop their abilities in the quickest, safest and most effective manner.  Our staff are highly trained in academic psychology and highly experienced in different psychotherapy and counselling systems in addition to being trained in several styles of hypnotherapy.  They therefore bring a great range of experience, skills and information into the specialised practice of hypnotherapy. We do not use inexperienced teachers in a franchised-sytem of nationwide or "international" schools teaching a very simplistic form of hypnotherapy. The great majority of the classroom teaching is delivered by the principal instructor with additional specific contributions provided only by highly qualified and genuinely experienced tutors. Our class sizes are deliberately restricted to maximixe your learning experience.

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To maximise our students' learning, our training programme is delivered in highly intensive courses of 6 days each with the necessary time between courses to assimilate and practice the skills taught in the classes and for home study of the course materials. Hypnotherapy is a highly practical therapy and requires much hands-on learning. While theoretical knowledge can be acquired from books and a variety of online sources, learning the practical skills of clinical hypnosis requires much in-depth practice that is closely supervised on an individual basis.  Academic assessment of many current online trainings has shown that this online teacing often fails to provide an effective learning experience. Our classes are highly experiential with supervised practice sessions in class being a core element in the training programme rather than occupying much of the student's classroom time with an exposure to some of the many theoretical models of hypnosis together with basic essay-writing on this course lecture content. HTI teaches the power of classical hypnosis together with in-depth therapy for emotional problems through modern analytical hypnotherapy.

Our programme of training courses also includes a serious training in Medical Hypnotherapy, for management of stress and psychosomatic conditions and many heatlth benefits. HTI also provides additional postgraduate courses for health professionals. There are several main traditions and a great many variations in styles within hypnotherapy. The prospective student needs to choose wisely what is likely to suit them best. For example, there are several styles of hypnotherapy that are substantially different from both classical hypnotism and its modern developments. Many of these recent forms of ‘hypnotherapy’ are esentially basic relaxation techniques combined with a ready-made ‘script’ of simple suggestions that are read out to the client while the client is in a relaxed state.  In other systems the emphasis is primarily on basic visualization exercises and ‘positive thinking’ methods. Such systems are only fragments of hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy also has many offshoots, including many "energy healing" systems and it requires a level of proficiency in hypnotherapy for understanding these other systems.

Standards & Accreditation

Training courses in hypnotherapy vary widely in content, duration and the standards they set for themselves ranging from very superficial forms to the more serious approaches. An individual, without any adequate form of training, but with a seemingly impressive-sounding set of "accreditations", can offer training in hypnotherapy to prospective students. As a consequence of the many systems of standards there is a multiciplicity of validating bodies with different proposals and claims regarding standards.  It is advisable not to make decisions about courses and their training quality solely on the recommendations from one of the many competing accrediting or "umbrella" bodies or various consortia of training courses without additional personal investigation to find a training programme that is most appropriate for you.  Hypnotherapy is almost entirely privately funded with clients paying their own fees and hypnotherapists very rarely receive referrals from the NHS or government agencies.  The great majority of clients coming to a successful hypnotherapist will have come from "word of mouth" referrals supplemented by personal advertising and promotion.  Many enthusiastic graduates from superficial training programmes leave the profession of hypnotherapy after just a few years due to lack of success and marketing research demonstrates that many others who are similarly poorly trained generate only a very meagre income.  There is absolutely no statutory regulatory structure or academically agreed "industry standard" governing hypnotherapy in the UK.  Instead there is a great number of voluntary councils, private associations as well as many registers and colleges, and various "umbrella" organisations (some with a level of assent from official bureaucracies) that a graduate of many schools of hypnotherapy can affiliate with.

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The UK government has consistently stated that it will not provide traditional statutory regulation for psychotherapy or hypnotherapy as it has not deemed this form of regulation to be appropriate for these professions.  The UK government has encouraged these disciplines to develop their own forms of voluntary self-regulation of which there are several approaches which have been developing over more than 20 years. HTI staff have been heavily involved since the 1980s in the creation of voluntary standards of education and competence, including several NVQ and Occupational Standards, but these current educational standards are considered by HTI and by many academic institutions as defining only the basic level of practitioner achievement and have not yet been developed to reflect the competence level of an advanced clinical hypnotherapist.


HTI's courses are based on over 25 years experience of training hypnotherapists and over 35 years of "real-world" clinical practice.  Our trainers are therefore teaching from very extensive clinical practice as well as long experience in training clinical hypnotherapists. Our trainers also have strong backgrounds in academic psychology in addition to extensive trainings in psychotherapy from which the best methods have been included in our training courses. Our principal instructor, Dr. John Butler, who has individual clinical experience of over 35 years, has received much recognition for his hypnotherapy teaching in several countries.  He has been highly commended for his university lecturing in top-ranked UK and international universities.  He has trained many of the hypnotherapy instructors as well as hypnotherapy practitioners in the UK, USA and other countries for over 25 years.  As hypnotherapy is an unregulated field, many claims made about trainers and training programmes may be difficult to check or turn out, on careful examination, to be incorrect.  Testimonials from current students or newly trained graduates, while giving some information about the training experience enjoyed on the course, are not a sufficient basis to judge the long-term value of the training.  Prospective students need to carry out their own research before committing their finances and long-term prospects to any trainer and course.     

If you are serious about learning genuine hypnotherapy to the highest levels of effectiveness, we are committed to helping you achieve this and the greatest successes in your practice and your business. Contact us by email or by phone for detailed information on any of our courses.










Hypnosis was used for pain control in these surgeries without any chemical anaesthetics or sedatives.  Hypnotic programming was also used to provide accelerated healing and other benefits. These are just 2 filmed examples of dozens of cases of using hypnosis for surgery and for a wide variety of painful invasive procedures in medicine and dentistry performed by Dr. John Butler. He has taught surgical-level hypnotic anaesthesia to many hypnotherapists for over 20 years many of whom have subsequently used it for their own surgeries or to help their clients who are undergoing surgery.


hypnotherapy training Watch John Butler using hypnoanaesthesia on "HypnoSurgery Live






hypnotherapy training John Butler, hypnoanaesthetist, demonstrates complete pain control in surgery using self-hypnosis alone in 2004









View excerpts from Gil Boyne Clinical Hypnotherapy training films 




Gil Boyne Audio and Video Products 






Transforming Therapy®


Transforming Therapy® series of 1-day Specialist Advanced classes on specific applications of therapy.  We teach a multi-level approach to these problems for full flexibility in responding to individual clients – as with most human problems, one size rarely fits all.  Our teachings fully allow for your clients’ personal choices and development while having therapy with you.

Included in the series are classes on

Weight control

Smoking cessation


and other topics

These Masterclasses can be taken as CPD, to extend your therapeutic range, and are open to any individual who already has clinical skills.  We are happy to answer any queries you may have, and we look forward to your contact.






Latest News


Hypnotherapy Career Training Programme



Course HSLC: Hypnosis Skills for Life Change     3 – 8 October 2016

(Previously titled: HTT - Hypnosis for Therapeutic Transformation)



A 6-day intensive course with acknowledged expert teaching to give you the hypnosis skills you need to bring about powerful change for clients and for yourself

You learn hypnothterapy skills for a wide range of therapy and coaching applications. From this course you learn skills and procedures, that actually work, to help clents with most of the common problems that hypnotherapists work with in everyday practice.  You learn to work in an effective, safe and ethical manner.  This is a great opportunity to learn genuine hypnosis on an intensive, hands-on training programme.  There is a great amount of clinical reports and research studies of hypnotherapy as evidence and support for what we teach.  This means you are not learning mind "techniques" whose only effectiveness is based on hearsay or on highly selected cases used for demonstration purposes.  As you discover the amazing power of hypnosis to benefit yourself and others you learn what hypnosis really is and how this power is the key that has been used consciously or unconsciously by the most successful people in history and without which talent and education are unlikely to lead to success as human history shows. This course is filled with effective hypnotic methods and pragmatic concepts that are designed to teach you to reliably induce testable hypnotic states in your clients.  You learn to work with even difficult, "low-responding" clients and to maximise the hypnotic response with each and every client.  From this course you also acquire psychological knowledge and clinical skills that enable you to progress to more advanced studies to handle more difficult psychological problems and behaviours in your career.  On this course you also learn powerful self-hypnosis for personal development and achieving life goals.  HTI provides you with in-depth training in rapid and instant induction menthods including the pioneering methods of Gil Boyne, Dave Elman and other stellar hypnotherapists.



6 days training course providing 50 hours of intensive, supervised classroom learning.


Cost: £695 (includes high-quality course materials).

Further details at http://www.hypnotherapytraininginstitute.org/course1.php



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